Beeswax dripless Tapers 

 6 " Round - 5 hour burn time 

10" Round - 9 hour burn time

12" Square - 20+ hour burn time  

(square tapers are rounded at the base)

Pillar embossed with detailed Leaf

8.5 ounce Candle is 4" high and 2.5" wide

natural paper packaging colors vary

Beeswax Candle Light 

Beeswax pyramid Flower garden Candle  "grown your dreams like flowers"  Front and Back shown

 51 hour burntime

Beeswax Bear Hug pyramid candle

made especially for those of us

who need a bear hug -

51 hour burntime


Beeswax Natural Owl, Owl on Branch, Black & White Owl Cube Candles  ~ 20 hour burntime

 beeswax Pinecones

available soon!

Beeswax is a natural renewable wax produced in the bee hives of honey bees.  It's clean, natural honey scent with no additives makes it a purely hypoallergenic candle.   

Bees bring delicious nectar and pollen into the hives which stains the honeycomb to an amazing golden color and I think nothing could be more natural than a wax made by perfect little bees that contribute to the balance of so much on Earth.

Beeswax Tapers snuggled inside Beeswax Fabric and tied with Beeswax buttons